Who I am and Why I’m here (first blog post)

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d start by introducing myself. My name is Taylor, and I am a freshman at a small private school. I have always been a small town girl (which you can learn more about later on), and I’m currently working to get my degree in multimedia journalism. I currently am working at a couple small scale radio stations, and doing a work study on my campus, so I’m a pretty busy person. I compete on the speech side of our phenomenal speech and debate team, and get to travel a lot with that.

I’m the oldest kid in the family, and I have two amazing little brothers. I love animals and have some pretty cool pets. I like to golf, go shopping with my friends, and go on new adventures!

I’m here to give myself a platform to express whatever may be on my mind for the day or week, and give other people the chance to maybe see that someone else is feeling the same way as them, or open eyes to a different view.

I don’t plan to get “internet famous” or anything like that, just to put my ideas down on a solid platform and see what goes on from there. I hope someone can get something out of this!

Can’t wait to get started!